Make Affordable, No-sew, Light and Airy Sheet Curtains in Minutes!

3 Materials
30 Minutes

Raise your hand if you love window treatments, but don't want to pay a bundle to have them!

And then of course there's sewing... but if you're in my camp, your sewing machine is stored under the stairs... right where you prefer it.

So I came up with an easy way to soften those hard room edges that takes just a few minutes!

Here's what I did:


Welcome to my photo studio. This is a ground level room with plenty of windows for the ultimate photography lighting! Until the sun streams in direct all afternoon long of course.

So I wanted to soften up the room edges and find a way to diffuse the light, while keeping the room light and airy.

Tall order, huh?

But I found the perfect fix!

Adjusting the length

Queen-sized white flat sheets were the answer!

What size sheet to use will be dependent on the window size. Mine measured about 1.5x wider than the window itself which offers fullness and more light blocking properties when closed.

Puddling the curtains on the floor is a lovely option, however this round, I wished for the curtains to clear the floor as I'd be opening and closing them often.

So I measured how long I wished them to hang, then rolled up one edge to suit.

What to hang them with

Drapery rings with clips were used so it was easy to open and close the curtains, as well as effortless to unclip to wash as well.

Curtain rods

The drapery rings were strung onto the curtain rods, then the sheets were clipped into place.

I personally made curtain rods out of galvanized pipe fittings HERE, however any standard curtain rod will do.

Two sheets per window were hung, however you could add more sheets for the added fullness desired.

See 2 different ways to hang them HERE in my original blog post.

The finished sheet curtains

As for the results? Oh my goodness... SO full without darkening a room certainly made this easy and price efficient idea a win for me!

Visit the FULL ROOM HERE to see how gorgeous they look both open and closed too, including other unique window treatment ideas as well!

Aren't they pretty? Think some easy and price efficient sheet curtains may work for one of your own spaces?

Suggested materials:
  • Queen flat white sheets   (Walmart)
  • Curtain rings with clips   (Walmart)
  • Galvanized pipe fittings - flanges, corners and straight   (hardware store)
Donna at Funky Junk Interiors
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Kevin Kevin on Aug 11, 2021

    These white curtains, drapes look GREAT!

    Years ago back in the 1970s decorating with sheets had been a hot trend staple-gunned to walls, dining room chair seats, skirted tables, etc, ALL done with beautiful sheets all kinds of patterns and colors available retail.

    Then came "sets of sheets" NO single full, king, queen, twin, size single sheets available just pricey "sets of sheets" often with a matching comforter.

    Where may we buy single sheets NOT sets?


  • Jody Jordan Jody Jordan on Aug 18, 2021

    That is a great idea and looks beautiful. I do have a question though. Do you have any ideas or recommendations for making curtains or something doable to use outside on a patio instead of spending a fortune for outside curtains. I have a small area that I have purchased outdoor curtains to make as a privacy Per-say but they look horrible.

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