My DIY Baby Room Curtain

Sarit N.
by Sarit N.
We have finally decided to move our baby boy into his own room. It's taken a while, but little by little, we have gotten the room ready. Once we built the crib and moved the changing table, we realized we needed a curtain for our egress window. Part of our apartment is in the basement, so we don't get a ton of light like we do in our living room, but there's still enough light that it can be bothersome when sleeping. After looking at expensive and boring store-bought curtains, I decided it would be cheaper and nicer to make my own.
The first thing I did was watch a few Youtube videos on how to sew different types of curtains. I suggest checking out The Online Fabric Store Channel, because they have great tutorials. Once I knew the type of curtain I wanted to build, I measured the window and added 10 inches to the length and 4 inches to the width.

Then I sent my husband out to buy the fabric. I would've gone, but I'm at the office 9 hours a day, and I could never find the time to go. We used Whatsapp, and he sent me pictures of fabric, and then I chose the one I liked. It worked like a charm.

Then I cut the fabric to fit the length of the window, and folded and ironed down the sides for the hems.
I love the pattern of this fabric!
Once the hems were ironed, I pinned them in place. It stayed like this for a week, until I found more time to finish it, but the hems definitely took a while to do. The side hems were each 1 inch wide (folded twice), the bottom hem was two inches wide, and the top hem was five inches wide (I was afraid of running out of length, so I only folded the top hem once).
Then I cut the white fabric lining to fit the curtain. I kind of winged this one, because I was too lazy (or too in a rush) to actually measure it out. I just made sure that each of the sides could be tucked into the hems.
Then came the sewing. I used my mother-in-law's sewing machine (one day I'll get my own), and I sewed down the side hems and the bottom hem. I left the top hem for last.
Before working on the top hem, I first sewed tabs to hang the curtain. You can omit this step and just put the rod through the top hem, but I wanted a pleated look when the curtain was gathered at the side, so I chose to do it this way.

Take a piece of fabric (mine was 4" X 6") and sew it inside out. Then flip it to the right side, and pin it down on the top hem. You're supposed to evenly place the tabs, but I just eyed it. Once the tabs are pinned, sew them down in line with the hem.
Then you're all ready to hang up your curtain! I love how it looks in the room. It doesn't fully block out all the light, but it consumes most of it. The colors of the fabric also match all the different blues in the room, and brings it all together.
Now I have a gorgeous custom curtain, and it saved me a lot of money. :)

Even though this curtain isn't perfect, it does the trick, and I think it looks pretty great.
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  • Debbie Debbie on Oct 09, 2016
    Maybe you'll get a new sewing machine for Christmas seeing as how you did such a fantastic job on this curtain! Curtain looks great! Who knows what else you can create?

    • Sarit N. Sarit N. on Oct 10, 2016
      Thanks so much! A sewing machine is definitely on my list this year.

  • Giorgia Giorgia on Oct 16, 2016
    very pretty