1. Create Custom Rods

Having window sizes which don’t suit standard curtain rods can be an issue when you’re trying to install living room curtains. However, Hometalker Amanda tackled this by using metal conduit pipe cut to length, hooks, and eye screws to create a custom set-up for her curtains. As well as being functional, the rods provide a strong industrial look. Get tutorial here

2. Add Some Style to Your Rods

Curtain rods that feature decorative ends can bring a new sense of style to a living room. However, as this project shows, you do not have to spend lots on an expensive rod to achieve your desired look. Hometalker Cindy created faux metal ends for her plastic tension curtain rods simply by using toilet paper tubes, bottle caps, some wood glue, and flour. Get tutorial here

3. Make No-Sew Curtains

Making your own curtains is one way to get the design you want, but the idea of stitching and sewing can put some people off. Hometalker Julien got around this simply by using hem tape on the fabric of her choice, creating slits in the top hem, and then running the pipe through it. She then attached the pipe to wall brackets and the job was done. Easy! Get tutorial here

4. Turn Sheets into Lightweight Drapes

Finding the right living room curtain ideas can be an expensive job, but Hometalker The Wicker House simply used cheap sheets from Wal-Mart to make lightweight drapes for her property. She created a hem on the fabric and also made slits which ensured the drapes had a pleated effect once they were hung up. The finished result is undoubtedly impressive. Get tutorial here

5. Finish Your Room with a Striking Fabric

Living room curtains can often be as decorative as they are functional, and this project puts a spotlight on how the right design can perfectly finish off a room. Hometalker Megan Aubrey found a striking fabric perfect for her room and, as she has no plans to actually close the curtains, she simply hung them on command hooks placed on either side of the window. Get tutorial here

6. Embrace Some Vintage Style

While Hometalker Jessica’s project is actually about her finding curtains for her master bedroom, it does offer some inspiration if you have large windows to cover in a living room. She opted for some vintage velvet drapes featuring double-wide panels, and the curtains are undoubtedly a stylish fit for her existing décor. Get tutorial here

7. Make Drop Cloth Drapes

When Hometalker Lindsey set about refreshing her living room, she knew that the right living room curtains could make a major difference to her efforts. Working to a budget, she decided to use a canvas drop cloth for her drapes, and it proved to be an inspired choice. As the picture shows, they make an ideal addition to the look and feel of the room. Get tutorial here

8. Create Ruffled Curtains

Hometalker Deborah has admitted that her drop cloth living room curtains were time-consuming to make, but there is no doubting that the finished results were worth it. She added ruffles to the top and bottom of the curtains for an extra flourish, while she cleverly used shower rings to attach them to her curtain rod. A very impressive project! Get tutorial here

9. Soften Your Space

This project offers yet another fine example of how the simple addition of some living room curtains can make a huge difference to a space. Hometalker Tara opted for sheer white panels from IKEA when she wanted to soften the feel of her sunroom, and she hung them by using the inexpensive option of spray painted metal conduit pipe and brackets. Get tutorial here

10. Stencil Your Own Designs

While many of the projects have dealt with hanging living room curtains in their existing form, Hometalker Megan offers some inspiration if you want to create your own tailormade designs. She used a stencil and craft paint to add some color and drama to her living room curtains, and it is fair to say the finished articles work beautifully in the space. Get tutorial here

11. Take Shortcuts to Style

If you are hoping to create curtains without sewing and also want tie-backs without drilling into walls, this project might be one for you. Simple Decorating Tips wanted some short curtains for a front door and created hems by using HeatnBond permanent iron-on adhesive. They then put 3m command hooks on the wall to hold the tie-backs in place. Get tutorial here

12. Embrace an Airy Feel

This is another project which highlights the impact that living room window curtains can make. Creatively Living made light-colored drapes a priority during their makeover, and a year after they started, they completed their desired look with a range of other stylish additions. It is yet another example of how light colors can create a bright, airy feel. Get tutorial here

13. Create Swiss Cross Curtains

Drop cloth drapes are a big hit with many Hometalkers, but Leigh Anne decided to bring a new sense of style to her living room curtains by adding a Swiss Cross design to them. She created a stencil and then applied the design using black paint, and it has undoubtedly created a fantastic pair of modern living room curtains. Get tutorial here

14. Quickly Replace Blinds

Blinds are used in many different types of home, and Hometalker Engineer Your Space has come up with a great way to quickly replace vertical slats with curtains. She cleverly removed the slats from the existing clips and then added curtains to them using drapery hooks, while she also created a cornice using cardboard and burlap fabric. Get tutorial here

15. Add DIY Pleats to Your Drapes

Finding the right style of living room curtains in a store always feels like a major win, but what if they don’t have the stylish, pleated look that you were hoping for? Rather than making do, Hometalker Jennifer decided to tackle the issue by creating DIY triple pleats without sewing and used pleating tape, bonding tape, and drapery hooks. Get tutorial here

16. Breathe New Life into IKEA Curtains

Even the most basic living room curtains can transform a space, but Hometalker Mimzy’s project provides some exciting inspiration if you want your drapes to ooze some real style. She took some IKEA Ritva curtains and set about making them look custom-made by adding lining and creating some striking pleats at the top. Her finished design oozes class. Get tutorial here

17. Create a Faux Valance Feel

Valance curtains for living room use are always popular, and Hometalker Theredpaintedcottage created hers by using drop cloth purchased from Home Depot. Recognizing the height that the drapes would have to be, she then folded the top to form a valance and clipped it to rings attached to her curtain pole. It is a simple idea that offers great results. Get tutorial here

18. Lengthen Short Curtains

Finding the perfect living room curtains only to discover they are too short can be a real pain. However, you could follow Hometalker DIYHIPCHICKS’ lead by adding some contrasting fabric to both make them longer and get a custom look. The step could open you up to a host of possibilities and really transform the feel of your room. Get tutorial here