Hallway mantles... they are the new rage!

by Jasmin
One of the most confusing organizational parts of the home, the front entry. Why not make a "mantle" Shelves to display, so many hooks to hang, and room underneath for benches! This is a verrrrrry old door we re-purposed into a "mantle" for hallway display. www.facebook.com/gypsybarn for lots of re purposing inspiration!
Here she is, sitting in the display room waiting to be homed! www.facebook.com/gypsybarn for lots of re purposing inspiration!
ends of two ox yokes. The iron twists add a twist of rustic charm. Then a few chandalier leftover chains
10 old iron railway spikes make the perfect hangers for all those jackets, purses, sweaters, etc
this was a different piece I did - but this is how she got her uniformed colouring. Torching that baby! Then of course sealing her up with some poly.
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  • Kari Kari on Oct 05, 2015
    Love this and the use of the railroad spikes this is gorgeous! Torching an old vintage door would freak me out a bit I would be worried I would burn right through it! I remember wood burning with my brother as a kid though and would practice on scrap wood first so this would be just a lot bigger version of that technique that never occurred to me before. Did you strip the stain/paint off before torching or just burn it off? I am thinking about repurposing an old door into a fireplace surround for a small electric wood stove and a modified version of this with the torching a perfect fit! You always have cool thinking outside the box ideas - thanks for the inspiration!