New painting, ,minimized the tchatchkis for the new fireplace update

Ana M
by Ana M
Fireplace Facelift When we put granite in our kitchen and a tumbled marble backsplash. The fireplace which is the den attached to the kitchen no longer matched. So this was our solution- did it right over the bricks and had held up for 6 years no problem.
BEFORE- fireplace no longer coordinated nor matched with new kitchen granite and tumbled marble backsplash
AFTER- went right over the bricks and has held up for 6 years no problems! There are our summertime candles in the fireplace, we light those at night or when guests come over since you can not use the fireplace in the summer.
Updated the look today to a more minimalistic look, tired of tchachkis...however you spell that! The artwork is my piece , you can see my other pieces at:
Less tchachkis new painting for new updated fireplace look
Less is more but added ONE new "knick knack" or tchachtki on the obsession for LIVE orchids. Also, it is my artwork over the fireplace, you can see my other pieces at:
Remodeled Kitchen- wanted fireplace to match since the den and kitchen are in same room.
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  • Kimberly Lovitt Kimberly Lovitt on Jul 04, 2016
    The painting is outstanding, is it DIY or was it purchased. Details please.

  • Drd4223999 Drd4223999 on Jul 25, 2016
    Very stylish And love the painting. I've thought of doing some art like that using colors from my rooms but never have.