Pizza Box Faux Fireplace

Maureen Karkos
by Maureen Karkos
This is my intake vent for my air conditioner. It has always been an eye sore that can not be blocked or your AC will not work properly . What ever I did had to be flush to the wall. So I measured out bricks using the cardboard pizza box. Spaced them out on the wall and numbered them so that when I put them back up I would know ware they went. I took them down and painted each one with some paint I used on my ceiling. It is a sand paint. Once that dried I glued them back up using wood glue. I then painted them with flat white paint.
I used parts of a shelf I found on the side of the road to make the side boards and top. They were brown particleboard . So I sanded them and painted them before glueing them together. The mantle is some fence board that I got from Home Depot in the discard pile. They cut them for me. It's all held up with 4 screws and a whole lot of liquid nails . Oh yah, I spray painted the vent black. Also a little ways down on the wall. The medallion I also got from Home Depot. Total cost about $20. Time: 2 weeks.
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