Add Farmhouse Inspiration To Your Fireplace

Brush on chalk acrylic paint on the grout first and smooth out with a damp rag. Get tutorial here

Makeover With Stain Stacked Wood

Hammer in wood strips at the mortar joints and use Murphy’s Tung Oil to stain. Get tutorial here

Paint Over Bricks With Several Coats

Spread dropcloth around the chimney and use painter’s tape to secure, then roll on 3 coats of paint. Get tutorial here

Hang Sheetrock Onto A Brick Fireplace

Screw 1X2 strips to the sheetrock, and apply texture with sand on the fireplace. Get tutorial here

Place Tape To Tie The Fireplace

Press tape connecting the fireplace to the mantle and simply paint over it for the illusion. Get tutorial here

Cut Up Pine For Multi Stained Wood

Stain the wood in various shades of brown, cut the boards, and work up the fireplace wall covering in stained wood. Get tutorial here

Build A Mantel From Scrap Wood

Use crown moulding underneath the beam which is made from styrofoam, and brush on white interior paint. Get tutorial here

Retouch Grout And Bricks

Remove the brass fireplace doors, smear paint over the grout with a shirt, and touch up the trim. Get tutorial here

Tile Around Your Fireplace

Scrap concrete with a jack hammer, lay out the tile pattern, and cut to size if necessary. Get tutorial here

Remove Bricks And Choose Plywood

Tear out as much brick as possible, cover the rest with plywood, and add cement to the hearth. Get tutorial here

Arrange Mosaics Among Bricks

Using white mortar mix frost over the existing bricks, and use marble rocks to fit the raised area. Get tutorial here