6 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Geeked-Out Home Theater or Game Room

by DixieSomers
If you are a big time movie buff or consider yourself a serious gamer, a home theater or dedicated game room could be the perfect oasis in your home. You can have all of the benefits of the big screen without the large crowds or sticky floors that public movie theaters have. You can amp up your all-nighters by setting your friends up on a comfortable lazy boy as you get out the controllers and embark on an on-screen adventure. Whether you are playing Halo into the wee hours of the night, or you want a comfortable space for your sci-fi movie marathon, the following tips will help you create the ultimate geeked-out home theater or game room.
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Good Acoustics

To create a true movie-watching or game time sanctuary, you’ll need good acoustics to get an amped-up experience. Soundproofing will keep the noise of the theater inside, keeping it separate from the rest of the house. There are sound-deadening dry wall options as well as materials that can impact the sound like panels on the walls and the carpeting on the floor.

While you're thinking about materials that will deaden the impact of the home theater on the rest of the home, you should be considering where to lay out the speakers to get the full movie experience. Wall mounting is a great option for surround sound. They should be high enough so they are at ear level when people are seated.
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The Upgrade

Any geeked-out theater or game room will have its share of gadgets, toys, and equipment. Before you install your equipment, you should be thinking about the upgrade that will inevitably happen when new technology outshines the old. You don't want to have to open the wall to get to much-needed cables and conduits. Leave panels where you might need to enter the walls in the future. The professionals at Solarus, who provide DVR and television services in Wisconsin suggest that you even add a designated utility closet to the theater or game room where you can easily access any machinery, cords, or any equipment that might need to be repaired or replaced in the future.
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Sure, an old lumpy couch is fine for watching movies in the living room, but to get the full theater experience, you need elite seating for optimum comfort. Consider first how you will be using the room. Arm chairs are perfect for gaming, but comfy love seats are preferred for couples who want to snuggle up for a midnight movie. Many homeowners opt for an actual theater set up for the seating, and create a tiered effect with Lazy boy recliners or love seats. Some gamers create a “command center” in the theater, setting them up for an ultimate takeover during a gaming session. Whatever your choice for seating, comfort should be your number one priority.
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If you want a true theater experience, a concession stand is a must. A popcorn machine and a display case for the candy will make it feel like a real theater, and they won't take up much space if they are planned in advance. Install a slushy machine, keep a drink cart on hand, and don’t forget to install drink-holders next to all seats. Late night movies and all-night gaming sessions call for snacks galore, so make sure you have enough room to store and display the goodies you’ll no-doubt need when you put the theater to use.
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Let’s Get Thematic

Most importantly, a truly geeked-out game room or theater needs a proper theme. Recreate the bat cave, a Star-trek command center, a secret lair for Marvel superheroes, or a gaming station from a galaxy far, far away. Personalize the room by hanging movie posters of your favorite movies to make it feel like a real theater.

Make your home theater the optimal space for have a good laugh, cry, or good old-fashioned Mario Brothers show down. Whatever you use the theater for, allow it to reflect your personality—forget sophisticated interior design and let your imagination go wild!
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