Book Racks

Warren G.
by Warren G.
My wife the High School Cooking Teacher came to me one day and asked me to build a book rack that would hold 36 books. But she wanted one that had dividers every so often so that the books did not fall over when only a few books where in the rack.
So I designed a book rack that held 12 books and made three of them in order to solve her problem.
The End are 8 1/2" High x 10" Wide, Bottoms are 7 1/2" Deep x 17" Long, Backs are 6" High x 17" Long. All pieces are 1/2" laminated MDF. Pinewood molding added to protect front edge from wear.
On the bottom a Tapered Cleats 1 1/2" > 3/4 Taper from high in the front to rear. This gives the books a backwards rest to the rack. Also Pinewood molding was added to the bottom edge of the ends to protect from wear.
My wife numbered the back of the rack so the children would keep the books in order.
A couple of small "C" clamps keep the three racks tied together and all of them in one place. And from her desk, as you can see, she can tell at a glance if a book is missing.
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