Convert a Lobster Pot Into a Foot Stool.

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
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When I needed a foot stool, I looked no further than a crab/lobster pot out on the back of the local donation station. It was going to be a planter but this worked out much better!
I cleaned the inside and outside of the pot. A little rust but no pitting, so it was in good condition.
I gathered the tools to convert it. Glue gun, yarn, hook, fabric, etc.
I ripped the fabric and glued them together in one long strip for ease of wrapping it.
I began to glue the strips around the tub, upside down.
When I came to the handle, I stopped, then filled in the middle.
I then wrapped the handle to match the rest.
The top was crocheted with a mixture of light green and a matching variegated green yarn and a large hook. I started with a chain 3 then 12 double crochets around and joined. Then you chain 2 and made 2 in each of the previous 12 for 24. After that, you join, chain 2 and make an additional 12 doubles for each row till you have enough to cover the lid with about 2" on the edging for a draw string to go through.
The last row is a chain 3, slip stitch in every 3 stitches and join with breaking off the yarn and working in the tail. Chain enough to go around the edge with some to spare for the drawstring. Work that through the loops and get your padding ready. I used an old round pillow. Hot glue it to the center of the lid, then cover it and draw the cover taught and tie. You can remove these when they need to be laundered.
I put in a box so I would have an area around it for books, planner, etc. Then the middle is yarn, scissors and hook. While watching tv, I can work on cat mats. I then grab some stuff, put the lid back on and put my feet up. Viola'!!
Suggested materials:
  • Crab or Lobster pot   (Free at my local donation station)
  • Yarn and size N Hook   (Have them at home)
  • Scissors and hot glue gun   (Have them at home)
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