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Has anyone seen these Restoration Hardware knock-off shelves on Pinterest or in the blogosphere? Here's a simple tutorial to not only recreate this Restoration Hardware look on a budget, but to ALSO make them baby proof so you can use them in a nursery, playroom, or anywhere else where kids are present.
Step 1: Collect your pipes and material (listed below) and spray paint them black. Cut your wood to the desired size and stain it the color you would like. Make sure you pick up at least 2 (possibly 4!) "straps" from the hardware store. These will be KEY in creating baby-safe industrial pipe shelves.
Step 2: Secure the floor flanges (round pieces) to the wall using anchors and screws. Then screw in the pipes into each floor flange along with adding the pipe cap at the end of each of the pipes (2 per shelf for a total of 4 pipes).
Step 3: After the pipes are secured to the wall, simply place the pieces of wood on the pipes. Check to make sure the wood is level and then add one strap to each of the pipes. This strap will hold the shelves in place and ensure that even if the shelf is bumped, the wood structure will not slide off.... prompting everything on the shelf to slide off as well.
... For a more detailed description of each step as well as a detailed list of materials for this project, check out our DIY Industiral Pipe Shelf Tutorial on the DIY Playbook!
Suggested materials:
  • 4 pipes cut to size
  • 4 pipe caps
  • 4 floor flanges
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