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I decided to gift my project to my mom. She is retiring this week and she just moved into her dream home near San Diego!
My step dad is building a special enclosure space for my mom’s 3 kitties to live. He is allergic to felines and if you met my mom, you would wonder how they found each other because she is a crazy cat lady. We have big hearts. What can I say?
This space will be her own. She wants to set up a desk and a reading corner etc. Think of it as my mom’s “She Shed.”
It’s her happy place.
My mom also tends to have a lot of things and stuff everywhere. I inherited this trait too btw. But we both try so hard to keep it in check. Hidden storage is perfect for us and for those of you in small spaces!
I decided to make a cute modern feminine tufted storage ottoman for my mom to store her books. She loves to read and I know she will be doing a lot of that in this space with her fur babies.
Supplies you will need for this DIY project:
- 1 Tire
- 3 Matching Sofa Legs
- Enough Plywood to create a solid base and lid (any thickness will work) Make. It. Work.
- 66 yards Cotton Rope
- Silver thumb tacks
- 4 yards of fabric
- 8 yards of quilting batting
- Cardboard or Foam core board
- Upholstery foam (any thickness will work)
- Power Drill with drill and screwdriver bits
- Staple gun with 1/2″ staples
- Electric Cordless Crown Stapler with 3/4″ crown staples
- Jig saw with wood blade
- Wood Screws – 2 1/2″
- Spray Adhesive
- Hot Glue Gun
- Hot Glue Sticks
- Pencil
- Plastic Curves
- Ruler
Step 1

Get your tire. I got mine from my local America’s Tire. This tire had a nail in it and was going to disposed of, but I was able to rescue it for my project!
Step 2

Create a circular shape with your jigsaw for your base. I measured about 1″ from the edge of the tire so that the screw would stay secure and safe. I want people to be able to sit on this piece.

Once my plywood was cut I used my 2 1/2″ screws to secure the plywood base to the tire with my power drill. I just followed the circumference of the plywood.
Step 3

Attach the legs. I decided to use 3 legs instead of 4 for the style.
Step 4

I took my hot glue gun and my rope and I began winding it around the base to clean it up a little. My first circle cut wasn’t the cleanest. I was power tool shy… I haven’t played with mine in awhile. But I nailed the top. It came out looking great.
Step 5

I decided to upholster the rest of the ottoman once I used up all my rope. I used my spray adhesive, batting, and my crown stapler to secure the batting in place on the interior and exterior.

In the interior of the tire, I found that using my manual stapler worked better to secure the batting because it fits better in awkward spaces.
Step 6

I cut, placed, used my spray adhesive, and my crown stapler to secure the fabric in place over the batting. I also did this on the interior of the tire. I wanted to make sure my storage space was controlled and looked pretty.
Step 7

On a whim I decided to clean up my edges with some chic looking thumb tacks. Once stuck in the tire, they were not coming back out. I love the decorative look it gave this piece.
Step 8

I measured out and cut my top for my storage ottoman from my left over plywood with my electric jig saw.
Step 9

It came time to upholster the top of this ottoman.

I used the rest of my fabric to secure over upholstery foam. I wanted to create a tufted effect in the middle of the top.

I made my top upholstery button the DIY way aka out of cardboard that I cut in a circle, with a little bit of foam placed on top and secured fabric tightly around it. Works like a charm. This is also how I made my Faux tufted headboard in the past.
Step 10

I decided to test out my creation! I am really pleased with how it came out and my mom will be so excited to add this to her “She Shed” in her retirement bliss! I am so happy I was able to turn this old tire into something beautiful that can be enjoyed by another. This is why I love what I do.
I encourage you to share your sustainability efforts + projects and presents with me!

All you have to do is use the hashtag to share your DIY project on social media.
Suggested materials:
  • Old Tire
  • Upholstery Staple Gun
  • Batting
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Meredith Schneider
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  • Kathryn Cochran Hooks Kathryn Cochran Hooks on Sep 17, 2017
    How much material do you need for project

  • Rebecca Rebecca on Nov 25, 2018

    Amazing, look great. My question is where do you use needle and thread?

  • Bonnie Velazquez Bonnie Velazquez on Apr 17, 2020

    How has the ottoman held up since you made it? I plan on making a similar project but I was just curious.

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  • Sheri Horbachewski Sheri Horbachewski on Apr 30, 2018

    Your mom must be so happy, what a beautiful job you did. I think I might have to try doing one. Here is a photo of the planter I made a few years ago. My husband made the legs and I sanded and stained them. I wish I had seen yours first because I like the larger white rope you used.

  • Tricia Tricia on Apr 24, 2020

    I ❤️ it!! What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing... 😊