Easiest Ottoman Makeover Ever: A Slipcover!

1 Hour
If you have an old, ratty ottoman that's become a huge eyesore in your home - don't toss it! Instead, give it a quick makeover and make your home as Pinterest-worthy as your dreams desire. Sew a quick and easy slipcover that you can wash and change throughout the year. Catch Brittany creating more amazing projects like this along with her two cousins at www.diyjustcuz.com
How's that for a before and after picture? From ratty and old, to modern and crisp looking.
Step 1: Obtain a shredded, ratty and old ottoman (likely courtesy of your friendly pup).
Step 2: Gather your materials. This includes: fabric, thread, a sewing machine, and scissors.
Step 3: Draw out the dimensions of your ottoman and the pieces you will need to cut in order to sew them together (check the full post for the dimensions for our project!)
Step 4: Cut the various pieces needed to create the slip cover. To make a slip cover for a rectangular ottoman as shown you will need 4 sides and 1 top.
Step 5: Sew all the edges to the top of the slipcover (the easiest step), do this inside out. The last step will be to sew the edges to one another which is arguably the most difficult part.
Step 6: Sew the edges together inside out and use a serger (if desired) to create smooth, seamless corners. Slip your cover on the ratty ottoman and celebrate - you've just completed the easiest ottoman makeover ever!
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