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Hi everyone!

I bought my sofa on the rush and I had little money to invest on it, espacially with 5 kids and a dog to ruin it! I found a bed couch at a local hardware/deco store for $220. Perfect for my wallet and to accomodate guests from outside the city!

I had a comfy and used to be luxurious leather sectional before, so my actual sofa looks a bit blah and really needs to be more comfortable!

This project will be made in two phases. First, I'll be building a sofa table and later, I will add couch armrests.
First, I cut the wood according to my plan.
Then I drilled holes and screwed the assembly pieces onto my two table top boards. The table is gonna be hidden by the couch and eventually by the armrests so I don't want to lose time to make it look nice under!

I screwed the legs on a crossbar, and I attached the whole thing to my table top.
After sanding the top, I applied a coat of black stain. I let it rest for few minutes and applied a coat of american walnut stain.
With Lysol wet wipes, I quickly washed off the stain. I changed wipes 3 times and stopped when I was satisfied with my two-tones stain. I let it rest for 30 minutes.
I finally applied 2 coats of Kylon triple-thick Crystal Glaze (my favorite glaze ever!!).
I'll add more pictures after I decorate it! I have a nice Tiffany-like lamp on the way and some easy DIY especially made for this new table!
Suggested materials:
  • Spruce 1” x 6” x 8'   (Home depot)
  • 2" x 4"   (Home depot)
  • Scrap wood   ((in hand))
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