From Worn Out to Modern Masterpiece!

by Sabrina
I am moving on a very small budget, and have been trolling Craigslist for inexpensive furniture pieces. I have been pairing down over the last few years, and a new job put me in a panic... Furniture wise. I don't have the money for new pieces, so I was looking for vintage pieces, or older pieces I could turn into something fabulous. I found this old stereophonic for $50. The minute I saw it, I knew I had to have it! I love the lines, and it looks mid-century modern. My vision was to paint it, and turn it into my media console. Here she is.
You can see the top has a lot of water damage, but I hoped after a few coats of paint, and some sanding, that I could mask it. The sanding turned out more difficult, because unfortunately, it wasn't solid wood. It was veneer over particle board. I did some wood fill, and light sanding. Here she is after the first coat of paint.
More sanding was in my future, and ALOT more coats of paint. I found, that when using gloss spray paint, that you kind of need to forget the rules of light coats and 10" away, because you won't get the nice shine. But be careful of drips!

Here she is finished!
Yay! This is my favorite piece of furniture!

But, I have a question. You can still see on the top, where the water damage is. I will have a 42" television on top, but I know it will but me. One person told me to get a frosted piece of plexi for the top. Then as I was searching the net... I saw white plexi. What should. Do?

Leave it as is?

Use frosted plexi?

Use white plexi?
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