Furniture Makeover: Boring Coffee Table to Statement Piece

Gayle Miller
by Gayle Miller
BORING! Yes, it's two toned wood. Yes it's a sturdy piece of furniture. But quite ordinary. I got to work roughing up the surface (sanding block) so that the paint would adhere better. Sure, with chalk and mineral paint they say you can skip this step. I do not.
Scuffed it up.
Taped off the metalwork with Frog Tape (can't live without my Frog Tape) and gave it a base coat of Dixie Belle Chalk Paint.
Then began the ugly stage, but oh so fun! Picked my colors wisely. You can see them below. Then I just went around the table, including legs and added areas of color, haphazardly.
Here's the colors I chose.
Here's the brands. I store all my paints in FIFO (First In First Out) bottles I get either on Amazon or Restaurant Web Store. LOVE THEM.
Next I painted entire piece in Pure & Original Steel Blue.
I then began wet sanding to expose the delicious colors beneath the surface. Oooo La La! Loving it so far.
Added a Mandela Stencil at center using a combination of the colors I used on the layering. Perfectly coordinated.
End result is so much more current and interesting than the original. I NEVER listen to people who say "don't paint that or it will lose value". Loving a piece is so much more important. This is for sale at Aunt Gayle's Restore in my ETSY shop. Enjoy what you paint. Life is short.
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