Giving an Outdated Coffee Table a New Look.

Jo Ann Spofford
by Jo Ann Spofford
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I was given a coffee table that really needed to be given a new look. As I usually do I let it sit for a while as I pondered what I was going to do. This table is long and narrow, not your usual size coffee table. This really gave me an opportunity to design the table so that it could be used in different areas of the house and serve different purposes. I have used it as plant table on my sunporch and I have used it as a luggage table at the end of the bed in the guest room. It has served many purposes.
Here is a picture of the table before redo.
Another Before view.
There was a strip of gold plastic around the ratan. I stripped that off. Began giving the rest of the table a light sanding.
I painted around the inner border and along under edge with an Aztec type color. You could use any color that fits your decor. At the time I was into these Azect/Indian colors. I painted the remainder of the table in white. As a protection to the paint and to give the table a slight luster I waxed it with 2 coats of clear paste wax.
Now it was time to fill in the border where I had stripped off the plastic. Home Depot time! I went to the tile section and found these tiles that were great and the perfect size. I brought them home and began laying them out.
After I laid them out in the color scheme that I wanted I secured them in place using Mod Podge. Working in short strips I would put some Mod Podge down and then lay the tiles.
Completed and ready to move inside.
Onto the sunporch, it went and I began using it as a plant table. Eventually, it was filled with plants.
Suggested materials:
  • Sandpaper fine grit   (Home Depot)
  • Small orbital hand sander
  • Tiles   (Home Depot)
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