Giving Life to an Old Drab Desk Chair Cushion.

Jo Ann Spofford
by Jo Ann Spofford
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2 Hours
My Mom is 91 years young. Her den was dark and drab. So I decided to start adding some pizzaz and color. I started by covering a desk chair cushion. It was a drab beige. I decided to make it over with some bright red fabric.
Using the old cushion cover I drew the pattern for the new cover. I like to make an envelope type cover so that it can be easily removed and washed.
This is the two pieces for the under side of the cushion. You must make certain to cut the pieces so that there is enough material for an overlap. Just as if you were folding an envelope.
When cutting your fabric remember to cut enough for the seam allowance. This is for the top cover. After cutting fabric assemble fabric, right sides together begin sewing pieces together.
Once all pieces have been sewn together flip cover inside out.
Here is a view of the back side of the cushion.
The finished product in its place. The chair cushion looks so much brighter now, and it was so simple to do! The den is starting to look a little less drab.
Suggested materials:
  • Fabric   (I already had it in my collection of many scraps)
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