Ikea Bookcase Upcycling - 1960s Style (2 Different Types)

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how to give a boring wooden bookcase a 1960s touch
I often sit at home and start imagining how the furniture could look more interesting. Then i look for inspirations on google images. I also come across websites like trouva.com, very.co.uk and obviously pinterest. co.uk. Once a plan is made (in my head, never on paper, I am not good at drawing), I either order my equipment online (amazon is my best friend) or use whatever I have at home. 
This time around, I was initially looking for grey wrapping paper but randomly found the vintage looking 60's wrapping paper.
Because I get so many different ideas every time, I walk into our flat, none of my up cycling projects can be expensive.
At home, I cut the wrapping paper to the correct size of the bookcase and then
simply stuck the wrapping paper to the back of the bookcase. I used double sided scotch tape to stick it to the back of the bookcase. This is also practical because if you make a mistake you dont have any problem with messy glue. Obviously, it is much cheaper than specific glue for wood. 
I already have the next project in mind which Ill obviously share with hometalk. :) 
It looks beautiful if you don't overfill the bookcase.
Some books...
This is option number 2. It is the same Billy Ikea Bookcase but this time I used grey matte vinyl furniture cover for it.
You have to watch the edges. :) Lets see what else I paint or cover.
Suggested materials:
  • Wrapping paper   (Clinton's)
  • Double sided scotch tape   (Clinton's)
  • Vinyl Grey Matte Furniture Cover   (Amazon)
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