My Ranch-Style, Rustic Pallet Daybed

Yvette Gray
by Yvette Gray
I wanted a cozy area for my dogs to hang out at the ranch where I board my horses, so I created this pallet "daybed" on the porch of my tack room using discarded HT pallets from a local feed store. I also made a small table from an old cable roll I found in a wood pile and used some leftover burlap I had to make a side curtain. Now my dogs can snooze in the shade while I'm tending to my horses. It's also people friendly! I got my inspiration from an amazing pallet sofa made by FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna
This is the completed daybed, table and burlap curtain.
This is the "before" picture of the space when I moved in.
All of these pallets are freestanding. I just pushed them up against the porch railings and they hold themselves together.
I just needed to cut one smaller pallet into three pieces to fit into the space on the right.
I just needed to whitewash the smaller pallets but now they all fit nicely.
I found this old cable roll in a wood pile and decided to use it as a table. I gave it a coat of whitewash to match the daybed.
I also decoupaged pages from a book onto the heavy cardboard spine of this table to make it more attractive. I sprayed tea on the pages to give it more of a vintage look.
These two couldn't wait for the finished product. They needed to rest after a long hike.
This bed has been a rest stop for many a dog.
There's even plenty of room for a 210 lb. English Mastiff!
Everything was upcycled except for the foam mattress I bought from Ikea. Now it is a favorite resting spot for canines and people as well!
One of my views while seated at the pallet daybed. This is my happy place :-)
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