Old Shelf Repurposed Again and Again and Again

Dawn Gagnon
by Dawn Gagnon
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This old shelf was given to my hubby from his day job. I always say never turn down real wood, so my little hamster started running with ideas right away. This shelf was too dark, thick and wide to be of much use when we first got it. So the first order of business was to cut it in half.
From that we had two shelving units but of course I couldn't let that stay as it so we took one and cut it in half again. What resulted was three storage and display units.
Not very pretty but solid wood
In the movie "Indecent Proposal" the architect played by Woody Harrelson said "even a brick wants to be..something..." this is my philosophy for almost everything. Here we got busy cutting this little wooden shelf in half.
I start each project with a sketch and from that hubby can create what is in my minds eye. He took the first half of the shelving unit and created this shelf for my wall above my desk. Paint, and left over bits of molding from all of our projects gave this shelf style and new purpose. It's so cute and doesn't take up any space mounted on the wall. Perfect for my little Mason jars that are currently filled with spices that I had stored and had no place for.

The other half was cut in two yet again and they become little mini hutches for my kitchen.
Finished off in left over molding, these two cute mini hutches gave this wall a great look I think.
Suggested materials:
  • Donated Wooden shelf
  • White Trim Paint   (Lowes)
  • Left over wood trim and molding   (Lowes)
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