Pallet coffee table be proud of what you accomplish .

Karen Smith
by Karen Smith
My home, each picture has the story. O you miss the sanding part and I did had some more pallet underneath for storage. Thank for checking it out. Karen
The start of making the pallet table.
To add height and not waste two pallets, plus already had these available.
My special blend.
Almost there putting cast iron wheels.
Temporary floral .
Done! After I did this, my mother felt sorry for me. Why? Dun a know ,not her taste, but it has suit me fine!! She went out and bought me a Red Leather 5'5 cusion table with drawers and slide outs. So what have I done with the other one? I put it right behind the couch put my tropical plants and two seating cushions that you can pull up to the kitchen table. Lol
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  • Jeff C. Keane Jeff C. Keane on Jan 20, 2015
    Keep up those creative visualizations! maybe your mom will eventually refurnish your entire home !! ; )

  • Sue mulholland Sue mulholland on Jan 20, 2015
    I think you did a wonderful job and I love the way it looks. I loved it without knowing that you have MS. You should be doubly proud of your work.