Fold away table and chairs?

Shauna Mares
by Shauna Mares
Love seeing all the great ideas here! Hopefully one of you creative types can help, pretty please? I want to make a foldaway table and chairs for our "eat in" kitchen. The kids are growing like weeds, and I can't shove them next to the wall anymore 😂 Along with the space issue, schedules dont always allow us to all eat at once. So the dinner table has become a catchall, and we've ended up migrating to the living room for eating. I'm fine with it, but it would be nice to sit at the table and have a meal. It would also be nice to get the d@#$ thing out of the way for daily life and eradicate the clutter magnet its become. I have a square double drop leaf table and 4 chairs. Salvaged, so they don't match, but sturdy and simple design. I'm wanting to try and mount the table to the wall in a foldaway fashion and maybe mod the chairs to fold and fit under for storage. Any of your talents used to solve the logistics of my zany wish would be greatly appreciated by all of us! Thank you!

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