Recycled Timber Modern Coffee Table

by Chris
3 Materials
4 Hours
Watch me make a unique hand crafted coffee table that will be a timeless addition to any household,
Very sturdy and stylish
The first step is cutting some 100x50mm rhs steel into lengths as follows

4 pieces @330mm long

4 pieces @470mm long

These pieces will construct two end frames which are the legs
Debur all the cuts and make it all look smooth and clean
On two of the 470mm long pieces of stock, strike centre lines on each piece and divide up for 6 holes ,

These two pieces will be the tops of the legs where you screw the table top through from the under side later .
Centre punch these marks ready for drilling and drill 8mm holes
Here are all holes drilled with a 90mm long 14G battern screw inserted for reference
Here we can see the two 470mm long horizontal pieces being butted into the two 330mm long upright pieces, tack welded and being checked for square.

Measuring the two diagonals and making them equal will determine your legs for square.
Finish welding all butt joins and grind spatter etc till smooth
Apply 3 coats of matte black epoxy till coverage is even on both leg frames
On the table we have shown ,i used 200x75mm recycled oregon beams ,

Cut three of these to 1050mm long then sand and sand some more to get them to look how you would like them ,

Note :

Just lightly sanding will be more rustic
Sand and sand some more to get them to look how you would like them ,

Note :

Just lightly sanding will be more rustic
Using a Belt sander with 80 grit will speed things up, then work your way down in grades finishing with 240grit in a orbital sander.
Grab some water based polyurethane clear and start coating all the slabs of oregon,

3 coats will be sufficient
Once all the pieces are dry , grab twelve 90x14G pattern screws and fix the legs to the table top,
The finished product ,is a beautiful hand crafted table that will last years upon years,

It is easy to maintain and clean,

Please click the link below to watch the full build on my YouTube channel

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Thank you
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Suggested materials:
  • 200x75mm oregon   (house renovation)
  • 100x50mm RHS   (steel merchant)
  • 90mm 14G pattern screws   (local hardware)
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