Save Your Bicycle Rims.

Lucy Marie Bernier
by Lucy Marie Bernier
2 Materials
3 bicycle rims.1 to use as the top. The 2 other rims to be cut equally in half. Please remove spokes first.
Find a bike shop that doesn't charge for old rims. You'll need 3 rims. I kept the center hub for strength. Then took out the spokes that were to high. So pretty much every other one spoke.
Once rims are cut in half. Gather them as shown above. Will work better with a piece of wood inside the rim. Because your going to need a hose clamp to gather and hold the rims in place.
Here are all the rims gathered and clamped. It's a hose clamp. The rims cut in half are put together like the letter "C".
I used black screws for extra stability. You can hardly see the screw. The screw is right next to one of the spokes in the rim. I put the screw into the channel of the rim. 4 screws were used. 1 screw for each leg.
Once it was done. I put one of these disk from Hobby Lobby. Or make one out of ply wood. The ends of the rims that touch the floor. I put plastic caps on it. Because I didn't file it and they are very sharp.
That's what it looks like from the bottom. Fairly easy and fun to do.
Suggested materials:
  • Couple of screws for rim   (Bike shop)
  • Caps for ends
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