Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Cherie Aldridge Vickers
by Cherie Aldridge Vickers
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6 Hours
Update to old basement coffee table
Finished product
We have had this huge coffee table hanging out in our basement for years. It is super solid and it was time to see what I could do with it.
I wiped down the table with acetone and then taped up the pieces that I would be painting white. I did a quick trail with Rustoleum Cream Chalk paint and was pleased with the look.
I also picked up a can of the green - both available at our local hardware store.
Very reasonably priced
I started with the drawers and was very pleased.
I sanded them with a 220 sand paper and was pretty happy with the look.
So, I headed back to the table to work on the spindles - those would be white too! I made sure to tape up the table to keep the mess (and yes, I am messy) to a minimum. I thought it would be fun to paint the accent pieces near the top, so they too are white. I don't know if I should have started with the white, but that's where I applied first.
Super cool pulls from Etsy
Love these drawer pulls.
Starting off with the white
Once I got the small pieces finished, I painted the entire table the lovely green.
Chalk paint went on easily with no real prep
After the green, I added a very light touch of spray gold. I thought this might look cool if I could sand through.
Of course, I got a little too heavy handed with the gold. That was hard to use, the spray comes out in spots, with a weird nozzle.
Heavy handed on gold
Next, a white coat on the top of all after allowing the table to fully dry.
Light coat of white on top and ready to sand
Finished product. Not perfect by any stretch but a nice match for the room and a decent start for a beginner.
This matches the room nicely
I like this side the best!
This seems to complete the room nicely.
Suggested materials:
  • Rustoleum Chalk Paint - white and green   (Limeberry Lumber, Corydon, IN)
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