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Amanda C, Hometalk Team
by Amanda C, Hometalk Team
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Ever see something super great at the store and just wish it wasn't crazy expensive? I caught a glimpse of this great shag ottoman at West Elm and quickly realized I could recreate a version of the same thing for a serious fraction of the cost! This Mongolian Shag Ottoman is not only far cheaper than the piece that inspired it, but super quick and easy. With some legs, fur, a staple gun and some cushion, this piece is sure to dress up any room.

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STEP 1: Spray paint the legs
Spray paint your legs (if you wish) in the color of your desire. I went with a nice metallic gold. Set them aside and allow to dry.

STEP 2: Trace the seat on the foam cushion
While your legs are drying you might as well start working on the ottoman / stool. To begin, set the wood round on top of the foam cushion and draw a circle around the wood round with a marker.

STEP 3: Cut out the foam
Cut out the circle you just drew on the foam. You can use a serrated knife for this or a saw if you wish.

STEP 4: Attach the foam
Glue the foam cushion to the top of the wood round.

STEP 5: Cover the cushion
Cover the cushion with cotton batting, and wrap it around so that there is a good 1/2 or so that tucks under the wood round. (You will staple it to the wood along with the fabric in a later step)

STEP 6: Add the fur
Place your wood round and cushion down on the Mongolian fur and pull the fabric around both of them so that there is enough wrapped around that you can staple it to the bottom of the wood round. (A good 1/2"-1")

STEP 7: Staple it all together
Staple the fur and the batting to the wood round the entire way around.

STEP 8: Cut away any excess fabric
Cut away the excess that isn't stapled.

STEP 9: Drill holes for the legs
Drill 4 pilot holes into the wood round for the legs to go in. Make sure they are spaced evenly.

STEP 10: Screw in the legs
Screw the legs into the holes you drilled making sure they are nice and sturdy.

And there you go! Trust me, I tested it and this thing is sturdy enough to sit on too! What?!? Multifunction!

I want to make everyone one of these cute little beans for Christmas! Seriously I just love this little fuzzy guy!

These furs come in so many colors, you could make it match any room! And if gold isn't your thing, go for another color for the legs or leave the raw wood as is! Not to mention I spent 1/10 as much on this than on what the one I spotted would have cost me! I am going to keep an eye open for a deal on some real Mongolian fur and make another one of these guys with some of that goodness as well!

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    question am having trouble finding the wooden round - Michaels Crafts? Please let me know thanks!

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