How to Easily Decorate Amazingly Beautiful Shelves

Kathy R
by Kathy R
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You can learn the simple, basic principles to decorating a room. You can check off your list the things you need, how to coordinate accessories and such….But, what about those shelves?
You’ve seen them, images of gorgeous rooms and in the background – built-in shelves, free standing shelves or floating shelves. And they’re decorated beautifully – they’re the added element that can make or break a room’s decor.
Shelves can easily look cluttered and unbalanced. So, how can you make your shelves praise worthy and amazingly beautiful? Shelves that make you smile when you pass through the room.
The first thing you do is to completely clear out and to clean your shelves. Then, decide on the color scheme - one that will compliment your room's decor. Now, gather and collect items you wish to place on the shelves.
One of the principles to follow when decorating shelves is 'Groupings of Three'. Three really is the magic number. Odd number groupings work well – 5, 7, 9…But three, is the smallest number that can be put together to form a clear pattern.
The second principle to follow is to place items visually in a triangle pattern. Simply put, when displaying your decor arrange them in such a way that you create a virtual triangle.You group like items together to ‘draw the eye’. Here I've layered the triangles - groupings of white glass items and groupings of books.
Here's an example of what my shelves looked like before grouping and setting things in a visual triangle. The difference is subtle, but appealing. If you want more information, list of suggested items to gather etc...pop on over. Test and try these steps and create your own beautifully decorated shelves.
Suggested materials:
  • Milk Glass   (Books)
  • Faux Plants   (Photos)
  • Collected Items
Kathy R
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