Lights for above island

by Elizabeth
We are redoing our kitchen and have added lights in ceiling surrounding the kitchen areas. I want lights that drop down above my island. For a 72” x 48” island, how many fixtures would look good; 2 or 3?
it is open concept and leads into a large living area.
q lights for above island
Island will be where white container is sitting.
q lights for above island
Empty ceiling space is where the light fixtures will go.
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  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 08, 2018
    Depending on the length of the island. But a good rule of thumb is 3 (odd numbers) Choose the size of the lights carefully. Too big will overtake the space, too small will look silly. Ask someone at a good "Light Place", they will be glad to help you.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jul 08, 2018
    Either would look OK, however odd numbers are always more visually appealing. Also, 6' is a decent length to fit 3 lights. Just be careful to scale the fixtures to fit in with your decor. If they are too bulky or too delicate, then they will look out of place. I think 3 would be best.

  • Sally Sally on Jul 08, 2018
    Keep in mind placement - any chance anyone will hit it with head when leaning over it? Mine had to be changed.

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Jul 08, 2018
    Thank you

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Jul 08, 2018

    We actually do have height in mind nd! Thank you.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Aug 02, 2018

    As an Electrician I can tell you: What you have in mind is really going about this the hard way.

    As also a Nurse, I can tell you: Noone lives forever, and as you age you need more special accomodations not solely for eyesight alone.

    You need consider this aspect.

    Thus you need a solution that accomodates the facts: you ain't getting younger, as you age you need more light, but also: you certainly don't need to install extra hassles to accomodate these two facts early.

    There are many options pertaining fixtures.

    Especially 3 lamp fixtures that would suitably mount not solely over the center of your island, but instead: The center of that work area, whether the island places in the center or not.

    Those 3 lamp fixtures no matter which island you select, as long as you mount the Fixture Center to Center will suitably project ample light to the entire work area.

    Further, because those always come prewired, really all you need do is attach 1 Switch to either:

    A. The Fixture itself

    B. An Outlet, wired as a Switching Receptacle, which by placing the 3 prong outlet adaptor onto the Three Wires hosts that fixture in a manner it can control by any home automation outlets and add ons which either yourself or another in your household may at some time prefer.

    Understand, I am a Prodigious Electrician, age 48, with 40 years experience, and automated the entirety of my 4800 sq. Complex, and it was not nearly as easy as Google and Amazon prefer this to advertise.

    The solution I went with, and recommend is a mix of products from Broadlink and Switchmate.

    Yes, I spoil myself to extents.

    But Turning on my upstairs nightlight with a built-in Timer after dark or with my cell phone, eases my life and going upstairs after dark very much.

    In summary:

    What this sums is: inlaying more of these lights that you already have does not improve the variety of decor, nor much ease your future as a Senior Citizen, and worst: quite generally makes your kitchen look boring.

    I despise to tell you this but:

    Guests will roll their eyes and think: Did Lowes Run out of All Light Fixtures, except these?

    These guests will never say it outright though, but they do think it.

    Do you want your kitchen to look boring?

    At the price you are paying for this redo, you should say: 'No way Dave, I want my Kitchen to look Fantastic!'

    Well...make it look fantastic. Enjoy Variety!

    Further, you intend to do far more work with mini dome lights than ever installing a 3 lamp fixture ever is.

    In addition, no offense, but:

    1. those tiny lights are plain junk that breaks in 12 years or less...[and sometimes breaks on install or delivery]

    2. Those are quite hard to featherdust too...

    in contrast to a quality 3 lamp fixture, that costs less than $189, but when properly maintained, lasts for 50 years or longer.

    [Can you tell I sell lamp fixtures as part of my career? LOL]...

    And you know what's best about the 3 lamp fixture?

    Those 3 lamp fixtures also do not look as out of place if [or shall I say: When] you decide to rearrange the room to the family needs, per guests, per occasions, etc.

    For an open layout, I recommend that a purchase of a portable floating island [from] is best because: these islands can not only roll out of the way, but also when extra guests arrive, if you have stools, these suffice an extra seating for up to 5, reliant upon how large of an Island you buy.

    So...Think about it.