Furniture placement in a living room dining room with a fireplace divi

by Mis23935719
There are double windows facing the fireplace and a widow behind the Christmas tree.
q furniture placement in a living room dining room with a fireplace divi
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  • Mogie Mogie on Dec 28, 2017
    Don't really know what the entire room looks like. What is in front of the window besides the tree? How big is the room (dimensions)? What pieces of furniture do you have besides the chair we see in the pic? Do you have little kids or pets that require stuff be locked or raised above their height?

  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 28, 2017
    When you remove all the Christmas stuff, take a few more shots of the rooms so we can see what your working with. Right now all I can see is a lot of clutter, so I would start there.... remove all the decor items including pictures, everything on surfaces, lamps, small tables etc. Then put your furniture on some moving men and slide it around until you like what the arrangement is.
    If you use the fireplace all the time, I would make that the focal point with the sofa facing it and a coffee table. Enlist a friend to help.
    Personally it looks like it needs some color and the ceiling a bright white would brighten the room.
    If your tired of the fireplace, I would whitewash that limestone too.[]=whitewash%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined&term_meta[]=limestone%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined&term_meta[]=fireplace%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined The mantel is way to high up, so I would lower it and remove the bookcase for a clutter-free appearance and it will make the ceiling appear higher. I would hang a nice round mirror and put a couple candle sticks on the mantel. Keep it simple.
    Is that your kitchen in the background? I would either paint the cabinets white or whitewash them also to make the fireplace the focus.
    Then every couple years I try to freshen up my decor by changing out my lampshades, cushions, pictures, curtains etc. Slowing bring each of your decor items back in and seeing if they fit your vision or its time to freshen them up or replace.
    I frequently get decor magazines and clip rooms I like or things I love.... then when I am making changes I have some fresh ideas whether its colors, patterns, furniture placement or wall treatments.

  • Kay Kay on Dec 28, 2017
    Hi Mischacamille, is it possible to post a picture of the room? That way we have some idear, and may be better placed to offer advice? Happy New year. Kay Adelaide Australia

  • Marlene Alvarado Marlene Alvarado on Dec 29, 2017
    The room looks clutter, if you are going to decorate for the Christmas season, then I would declutter everything with extra boxes, mark them with "frontroom", this way after the holidays, you can put your items back. The fireplace should be your main focal point. I certainly would never place a large white white lace on top, instead I would use pine tree folige with glass bowls filled with Christmas bulbs and do lights. In the the bookshelf use vintage x-mas items. You can place x-mas items and more x-mas lights above the kitchen cabinet. Never a bad idea, because lights lighten dark areas. Rearrange your furniture differently, since I cannot see the whole room, place your sofa in front of fireplace, table behind it with smaller x-mas trees, use other sitting on the other side, place tree exactly in front of window.

  • Don27082613 Don27082613 on Dec 31, 2017
    Are you planning to add furniture? I suggest that you remove everything and start with a clean palette... Take one step at a time. Lower the mantel, remove the shelves, lighten the kitchen cabinets... Less is best!