Revamping the living room- any suggestions?

Reema Chadha
by Reema Chadha
Hello everyone, so I have a huge living room - almost like an L shape with the dining area too. I want to change the paint or redo with wallpaper - what colours will suit best? I have red sofas and dark brown furniture and lots of plants - a Pool table and lots of nick nacks. Especially my TV wall - want to make it stand out.
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  • Gina Gina on Jun 01, 2017
    Hard to say without a picture.

  • Sally Sally on Jun 02, 2017
    Lowes carries a paint color by the name of "Swimming"- it might be Behr or Better Homes. I remember the sample was pointy on top with a house cut out. It works well with dark brown and I think it would go with red easily and be lots of fun and still look elegant.

  • SLO SLO on Jun 03, 2017
    I think you should look for a lighter color maybe like a tan to paint your walls because browns and red which is my favorite color are strong colors and I think you wouldn't want it to look like a cave. Think about making dividers to help you separate your rooms like open shelving to put your plants and nick nacks on but made them secure, you wouldn't want adults, childern or pets able to knock them over. You can build your own wall unit for your tv, stereo or other items needed for your tv like a cable box, speakers, etc. Map it out the way you want it to look. I'm not a fan of wallpaper because when it comes time to update your rooms wallpaper is not easy to remove and a lot of work to do so. Look at magazines or web sites that show you how do remodel or decorating. I have magazines and books on this subject in my local library, check out your local library. There is so much out there to help and lead you to a space you will love living in for years to come. Think of your home as your canvas to paint as you wish 🎨 Over the years you will add and change things in and outside your home. Just remember my way of thinking is there's not anything you can't change if you're not satisfied! If you like there is apps you can get for help in planning interior design. Here's hoping you have a long life of happiness in your home and never think of it as a house.

  • Reema Chadha Reema Chadha on Jun 04, 2017
    Thank you so much for your words and ideas! I really love the positive vibes I am getting from your message Now on to planning and surfing the web.

  • Sally Sally on Jun 04, 2017
    It's like baby blue with a depth to it- a little green maybe. And it's Sherwin Williams "swimming ". I checked this mornin.