March Maintenance Checklist

Ahhh March, when the trees start to bloom, the animals that were hibernating are coming back out after their long winter naps, and for most guys, it is time to try to evade getting roped into the dreaded spring cleaning. Fortunately for those looking for a reason to escape to the outside,there are some items that really should be taken care of, so with no further ado...
· Change out your HVAC filter.
· Test your Smoke Detector
· Now that you are safely back on the ground, itis time to trim any trees, bushes, or other foundation plantings so that they do not rub or grow up against the house. All dead wood, limbs, shrubs, etc...should be removed to eliminate nesting areas for insects. These should be easy to spot when everything starts to bloom.
· For those with Basement's
o Check your basement for cracks or leaks, and get them repaired.
o If you have a sump pump, test, clean and lubricate it.
· While we are still outside, check the siding and doors – caulk & install new weather stripping as needed
· Get your AC system serviced either later this month or early April, so that when it is needed it works.
For more tips & tricks related to gardening, taking care of your deck, cleaning out your gutters, etc... we invite you to check out the full article: & in keeping with the theme
Clean your gutters and make sure your downspouts are clear & water flows freely Clean any debris off your roof, especially the valleys and ridge vents. While you are up there check your roof for any missing, cracked or damaged shingles
Clean and inspect your decks for damage or rot – assuming your deck doesn't look like the one above, now is a great time of year to re-stain your deck before the pollen starts or it gets to hot
Now is also a great time to check all the hand rails and steps to make sure they are clean, safe, and secure also
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