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Ever have one of those days when you're changing your bedsheets and you can't find all the pieces that you need in a flash? Well, I have a solution for those hurried moments. Admittedly this is not my idea, but it's way too good to not share. I think it's the epitome of an organized home!

So you're finished washing your bed linens, and you pull them out of the dryer, or off the line after you hang them to air dry in the fresh outdoors. Whatta balled up mess! I've learned a quick easy fix to coordinate your flat, fitted and pillow cases all in one easy location for a grab and go morning bedsheet change.

Once you fold all your sheets and pillowcases, with the exception of one pilowcase, you stack your neatly folded sheets together and stuff them inside one of the pillowcases. My husband's handsome arms are showing this maneuver.
Here's the "bag". Pretty nifty, huh?
I pile all my "bags" in fabric order: cotton, flannel and fleece. Oh, how we love the fleece bedsheets during the cold winters here in Ohio. We are in the Great Lakes Snow Belt region, and it gets pretty cold sometimes. It's so easy to "grab and go" when you're changing your bedsheets. The entire set is there in one hand. Again, this is not my idea, but way too fabulous to not share with the world out there. I love this organizational tactic and so has everyone I've shared it with. I hope you do, too.
Imagine going from this..... this! Happy Organizing!
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