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Hallelujah I finally have an organized linen closet!!! For roughly $60 I was able to turn my cluttered mess of a linen closet into an organized oasis (ok maybe just an oasis for my mind but still...!). I've always been a bit of a perfectionist with most things in life which also means that I've always been very organized and meticulous about my things; however, once I got married and then added a child to the mix, life tends to take over at times and things aren't quite as orderly as I'd like. Alas, this mama is on a mission to get my small home tidy and revamped!

Here is a before--I'm almost embarrassed to share this. I swear it wasn't always this messy but ever since I purchased new towels to go with my bathroom makeover, I started having trouble cramming them in with everything else I already had stuffed in this tiny closet. Add the new towels to the old ones, as well as sheets, beach towels (we live just a few miles from the beach so these are always out), medications, hair products, etc. and you have a recipe for organization DISASTER! For this linen closet makeover I decided to do three (3) organization hacks, so with each hack I will list the supplies I used as well as the steps I followed.

HACK 1: Fabric covered diaper box SUPPLIES: -diaper box (I don't use Pampers but thankfully my dear friend, Jen shared some with me! Shout out to Jen!!) -fabric (Does it look familiar?? I used the leftover shower curtain material I made my kitchen rugs from back in the spring.) -hot glue gun/sticks -scissors Not pictured: -box cutter

STEP 1: Cut box, measure and cut fabric First, I cut the flaps off of my box with a box cutter. Then, I eyed how much fabric I'd need by pulling it tight and folding it over the edges of my box. After that, I cut the fabric. *Note: Because I knew I was just going to be putting beach towels in this box, I didn't create a liner for it. If you want a fancier box, you can follow the same steps in this mini project to make a liner first, then cover the outside.

STEP 2: Cut, glue and adhere fabric Next, I cut a line down each corner of my fabric.

To cover my box, I started with the shorter ends. First, I applied a line of hot glue on the top edge of my box, then folded the fabric over tightly. Next, I cut off the excess fabric, being careful to ensure there was about 1/4" remaining.

Then, I hot glued the excess down around the edges.

STEP 3: Finish and fill After the two shorter sides of my box were finished, I followed the same steps of gluing and cutting for my longer sides. Finally, I filled my box with rolled beach towels.

HACK 2: Hide away sheets SUPPLIES: -fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow case I'm unusually excited about this hack I discovered because I'm all about making something I have nice and tidy! I wouldn't really say there are necessarily STEPS to this hack so I will go through each photo to describe what to do... First, lay your fitted sheet out a flat as possible. Then, fold the sheet in half and essentially tuck half of the fitted edge into the other half (photo 3). Next, fold the sheet into thirds.

Picture 1 shows me continuing to fold my fitted sheet into thirds. Then, flatten the sheet, pushing out any major wrinkles and flip the folded sheet over, tucking in the last little bit.

Next, you'll fold your fitted sheet into thirds again and stack your folded flat sheet on top. Finally, insert your nicely folded sheets into one of the pillow cases.

Make sure your sheets are pushed all the way to the end of the pillow case, then fold the excess pillow case on top of itself and flip it over. Tuck the sides tight around it and VOILA! your sheets are all nice and tidy, easily able to be stored away.

HACK 3: Hanging wire baskets SUPPLIES: -1-1/4" pan head screws (Note: screws are going to be based on what type of door you have...ours is a hollow core door.) Not pictured: -wire baskets (I picked mine up in the dollar section of Target for $3 a piece!) -drill with appropriate bit -pencil

STEP 1: Mark, drill and screw First, I held the basket (bottom to the door) and marked where I wanted my screws to be. Then, I drilled starter holes. Finally, I inserted the screws.

I originally wanted my baskets to hang like normal so I could put medications and other things that I wanted up high out of reach in; but unfortunately the space wouldn't allow for it so I resorted to installing my baskets like this which I think is pretty cool. This will allow me to store my extra wash cloths and all of Bo's as well.

All-in-all I purchased two large wire baskets, two small ones, and the cool little plastic kitchen organizer that you see with the folded towels in, standing up on top of the Rubbermaid cabinet. I got that for $6 at Marshall's and it's supposed to hold aluminum foil, plastic wrap and Ziplock bags but I decided to use it for hand towel storage. I purged my Rubbermaid cabinet, getting rid of all expired things and reorganizing the drawers. With a very small budget, I'm pleased as punch at my "new" linen closet! :)

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  • Wilma Jackson Wilma Jackson on Nov 25, 2016
    How do you get the door shut? Looks like you have the shelves full to the edge of the shelf. No room for baskets to go in

  • Rachel Rachel on Aug 30, 2017
    Love your shirt - did you visit South Carolina?

  • Keena Keena on Dec 13, 2021

    How do you close the door with the wire baskets attached to back of door? Looks like the baskets would run into items on the shelving???

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  • Ida9464 Ida9464 on Oct 10, 2019

    I need some diaper boxes 😬

    • Dee Dee on Jan 22, 2020

      Copy paper boxes (Xerox are mine) work well too. Any strong cardboard box works well. Mine are covered with Contact Paper (box & lid) and have been used for storage for 30 years!! I love the fabric choice though!

  • Juanita Juanita on Jan 19, 2020