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How do you stay organized? We’ve never been great at it so I thought of putting up a wall calendar that we could plan, organize and be held accountable. Of course I wanted it to be both functional and pretty, so I began looking at buying an acrylic calendar. They are pricey so bring on the DIY!I don’t own a circut cutter to do my own vinyl stickers and wanted to keep this as an affordable DIY. In order for it to be thick enough to write on, I decided to use two pieces of plexiglass and do stickers and permanent marker in between the two sheets. This would keep the calendar in tact, and allow dry erase markers on the top layer. First I started with a template on my computer.

Drawing it out on the computer

Then we used a piece of poster board to draw it out and plan so that we could trace it on to the plexiglass.

Drawing it out on paper allowed for easy tracing onto the plexiglass.

Once the lines were traced onto the plexiglass, we used stickers for the writing.

I wanted to add a saying at the top so in order to get it 100% straight and spaced, I traced the stickers onto parchment paper.

To have a to-do list, I wanted a space to check off. We added circle stickers on the side for this

We needed to mark the corners for drilling. Added tape allows the drill bit to slow down a bit. We marked 2.5cm.

Next up was to drill holes into the corners for the stand off mounts. This part takes a ton of patience, as it cannot be rushed. One move to fast can shatter the plexiglass. It’s best to start with the smallest drill bit and slowly move up.

Mounting the standoff mounts was super easy!

It turned out absolutely beautiful and has already made a huge difference in keeping us organized.

Suggested materials:
  • Plexiglass 30”x32”   (Lowe’s)
  • Stickers   (Michaels)
  • Standoff mounts   (Amazon)
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  • Meg McCabe Meg McCabe on Feb 25, 2020

    You stated that you used 2 sheets of plexiglass, did you tape two sheets together when you drilled?

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