DIY Giant Pegboard

We created this giant DIY pegboard as a way to keep our tools organized in our workshop. It's been hugely helpful to make sure everything has a place, and it was so easy to put together! You can see full details (along with more photos, and everything about how we have the rest of our workshop organized) on my blog, Love & Renovations
We started off by purchasing a large piece of pegboard and some 2X4s for the frame. We used the table saw to cut a small slot in each board so that the pegboard would have a place to rest.

Then, we cut the ends of each board for the frame on a 45-degree angle. To piece it all together, we nailed together 3 of the boards so they made a U shape, then we slid the pegboard in. Finally, we attached the top board and nailed the rest of the frame together. (For more photos and details, you can look at the full blog post).
Once the frame was built, we added some support boards in the back to make sure it was able to stay nice and sturdy - this thing is giant, so it needs all of the help it can get!
To hang the pegboard, we used three screws to hang it along the top (all screwed into studs, of course), and then used extra long screws to screw in three places down each of the support boards in the back (so a total of 9 screws through the front of the board).
Finally, we added our tools! It's a great organization system, and if you want way more details about how to build your own (along with more photos) you can click through to the full blog post.
Love & Renovations
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Dec 30, 2017
    Love how great it is to find a tool. I would go so far as to trace around each tool so it can be returned to its place. My husband has 3 boxes none of them labeled and I have no idea which has a screw driver since he never puts things back where they belong. So I love this and since it's so narrow in width could go on any wall in garage, cause who wants to walk to shed in the winter,right William, my fellow for Illinois. Hey William my husband has agreed to hire someone to place insulation between floor joist in crawl space,thanks. Sorry for going from one thing to another,but William is great, just a wealth of knowledge. So do you think that I could somehow add a strip of metal magnetic stuff so that I can store glass small jars with screws and such?

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  • William William on Sep 12, 2016
    Great share! Lot of pegboard for a small amount of tools. For my small shop, space is a premium. I made pegboard cabinets with doors. Store a lot of tools in a minimal amount of space. Right now I have three with project specific tools in each one. Woodworking, electrical, and plumbing.