How to Make a DIY Cupcake Refrigerator Magnet

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by Troom Troom
How to make a refrigerator magnet? In this tutorial we will show how to create a very tasty cupcake magnet with beads. It will make a lovely DIY decoration item for your kitchen or a handmade gift.

We’ll need:
  • patterned paper;
  • hick cardstock;
  • upcake paper pattern;
  • lace;
  • beads of various color;
  • magnet;
  • suede lace;
  • 3 feet of twine. We’ll use it for a cupcake decoration. Natural color resembles a basket.

Place a cupcake pattern onto cardboard. Trace carefully and cut out.

Glue patterned paper to the cardboard stencil.

Cut out the cupcake image keeping the allowance of 0.4 inches.
Make several cuts to wrap the edges.

Glue the edges to the pattern.

Make a basket for a cupcake gluing twine all around the bottom part.
Rollup twine so that it resembles a snail shell.

Decorate upper part of the magnet with beads. If the beads have holes as in this case, place them to hide the holes.

Now a bit of sweet cream. Take a piece of lace, fold it several times and try if it fits the cupcake.
Place it covering beads a little and fix on the back side of the magnet.
Add a drop of glue in the middle and fix the lace. The cupcake will look neater.  

Tie a bow from suede lace and decorate the craft.

Fix a magnet from the back side.

This festive decorative cupcake magnet from beads will embellish any kitchen. 

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