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Nicki Redekop
by Nicki Redekop
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Last week would have been my mom's 63 birthday, but my brother and her were taken from our family when I was young. It was a hard day for me, and I really wanted to find a way to honor them without having a pity party. I came across this perfect idea to make a memory board and it came together exactly how I imagined it would!
I started with an idea and had no idea how it would work. It just so happened I found a framed cork board, which was the piece I thought would be difficult to find! I purchased some glittery stickers, thumb tacks and some ribbon. I had a beautiful blue tablecloth of all things, that I was also able to use. On this particular day I was doing a bit of shopping therapy, and also bought myself a mortar and pestle! But that's another story!
I ripped the back paper off the corkboard but accidentally broke the frame. I am pretty good at improving, so that's what I did!
I cut the blue material to fit around the cork board, and glued it in place. I had to pull the edges taught so there was no loose or saggy edges.
Next the lace was placed in a cross cross design on the board. I still can't believe how gorgeous this is!
I glued the lace in place and placed thumb tacks on the X. At first I thought it was cute, but then decided I didn't like all the color. This project has more of a romantic and nostalgic tone for me. But you could use the colored tacks to keep school and university memories etc.
I decided to use the glitter stickers on top of the thumb tacks. I LOVE THIS and I am so happy with it. This was a very heartfelt project for me and a challenge on many levels.
Suggested materials:
  • Lace   (Had some)
  • Thumb tacks   (Dollar store)
  • Material   (Had some)
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  • Just beautiful! Love the fabric and ribbon you used as well as the embellishments. So totally tasteful. Fill it up with photos and anything that that makes you happy! I have photos in a few places of my house of my family as everyone has passed other than my brother and myself. Both my parents were single, war children, so no aunts, uncles or cousins. Thanks for sharing your story with us, now we need to hear the mortar and pestle tale . . .🤗

  • Lannen Lannen on Feb 25, 2022

    I am glad that you were able to use some "creativity therapy" to soothe your soul! And you will easily be able to add or swap out favorite pictures as you come across them.