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by Ioana
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I have the ultimate musthave multitasking home DIY for you today (because it's very easy to make and mega manifold), you'll want to have it, too! I'm probably not the first one to make such a peg board and it's possible that you find a board with ready-made holes in the building supplies store, but I had fun making this one myself and was surprised to see how many possibilities it offers - and it's quite cheap and very easy to make (I would presume even somebody with two left hands would be able to do it). It took me much longer to style and put the board in scene, make photos and edit them, than it took me to make it (including drying time for the layers of paint)! My DIY is a magnetic storage, organization and deco board made of wood, which can be used with / without wooden pegs. There are thousands of possibilities and the nicest thing is that you can use it in every room of the house. "Pure" it's like an object of art. Find even more photos and ideas on my blog!
Use the board in your house entrance like this...
...or like this... hold and organize letters, keys, cinema tickets, postcards, sun glasses, books, scarves... Even a mini plant pot can fit between two pegs!
"Pure", with all the pegs in it (or with a pattern made of pegs) it's like a modern object of art or decoration, what do you think?
It is useful in a kid's room (for hair ties, bracelets, headphones)...
The board can hold mugs, tools, postcards or recipes in the kitchen / in the storage room / in the dining room.
It is useful even in the bathroom, usually there are many make-up boxes and perfume bottles, which can be placed on the little boards.
Hundreds of possibilities can be found in the office / in the hobby room: as a magnetic pin board, for washi tapes, scissors or clips... Between two pens you could even place a jar to store your pens or brushes.
A taut cord (bind it on the back side of the board) or a rubber band can hold postcards & Co. and you can hang little baskets for small things on the hooks. Or you could stretch several cords criss-cross and store even more cards.
The board is also well-suited for a mood board, you can place magnets on it and also little fabric or paper samples.
There are enough tools in the cellar / work room that can be hanged or placed on this board. The board will be very useful especially in that room.
Last but not least, you could not only hang the board on the wall, but lay it, then you can keep your bakers twine spools and washi tapes handy.
You'll need: - Wooden board 25 x 15 5/8 x 0 3/4 " - you can certainly use a different size of the board and a different number of holes - 3 little wooden boards: 6 x 4 x 0 3/4 ", 8 x 4 x 0 3/4 " and 11 x 4 x 0 3/4" - 4 wooden sticks (each 40" long, 0 1/16 " in diameter) - 2 hooks (ca. 5 1/8 ") - 2 (painting) frame hangers - 4 short screws (under 0 3/4 ") for the hangers - magnetic paint* - wooden paint in different colors (or even wall paint, this is what I used!) - strong magnets - rubber band or cord (so long that it can be stretched between several holes and can be knotted on the board's back side) - little ring screw and a key ring - 2 screws and eventually dowels for the wall - pencil and ruler (a T-ruler* is the most efficient here) - power driller and drill head for wood (0 1/16 ") - sanding paper - saw - miter gauge and eventually a clamp* - (battery) screwdriver* - painter crepe - brushes How to make it: 1 - Draw 28 hole positions like a matrix on the board (ca. 3 1/8 " to each other and to the board edges) 2 - Drill the holes (through the board) 3 - Sand the edges of the holes 4 - Paint the board with magnetic paint (3-6 layers!) and let dry after each layer 5 - Paint with wooden / wall paint (1-2 layers) and be careful so as little paint as possible gets into the holes 6 - Screw the frame hangers on the back of the board (keep the gap between them in mind, you'll need it when you will mount the screws in the wall) 7 - Saw 28 pegs (ca. 4 3/4 " long), use the miter gauge and a clamp 8 - Sand the ends of the pegs 9 - Put painter crepe on ca. 0 3/4 " of the pegs and paint them, then remove the crepe. If the whole peg is painted, it won't fit in the hole anymore 10 - Saw a little peg (ca. 2 ") from a wooden stick, sand and paint it. Screw a little ring screw in one of the ends, put a key ring on it and fix a key. 11 - Eventually sand the edges of the boards, then paint them in different colors 12 - Paint the hooks Now hang the board on the wall and place the pegs / the hooks depending to your needs and wishes. Eventually lay the small boards on the pegs. A little flower pot or a jar fits between two pegs. You can also stretch rubber band or cord between holes and hold postcards with it. The key peg can be placed in a hole.
Suggested materials:
  • Wood board
  • Wooden pegs
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  • Janet Moro Janet Moro on Mar 25, 2016
    Who makes magnetic paint, Brand

  • Janet Moro Janet Moro on Mar 25, 2016
    where do you find magnetic paint?

  • Mary McDonald Mary McDonald on Mar 07, 2018

    I want to double check. The board is 25” x 5 5/8” right? To fit 28 pegs at 3” apart, the length adds up to fit 7 pegs but the width you suggested at 5 5/8” would only fit 2 pegs and not 4. Am I correct or losing my mind? Thanks in advance! 3

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  • Anita Anita on Mar 03, 2018

    Gorgeous! Practical! Contemporary! You've taken an old fashioned--but elegantly designed--storage system and made it applicable to any room! I'm so impressed!

  • RichandTammy Whiteside RichandTammy Whiteside on Mar 04, 2018

    Holy smokes! Magnetic paint? Who knew? Obviously you did! Very cool idea.