Use A Fan To Hold Your Mail

Draw a line to cut open the front of the fan, spray paint metallic, and put in mail. Get tutorial here

Chisel Wood To A Sorting Box

Cut along the wood using a miter saw, and drive finishing nails through the front portion. Get tutorial here

Mix Up Concrete To Hold A New Mailbox

Unscrew your current mailbox, fit the extension to the original, and fill up the hole with concrete. Get tutorial here

Carve A Pirate Ship Box

Trace out the general ship design, and attach the decks with wood glue, and paint. Get tutorial here

Wrap Contact Paper Around Your Mailbox

Clean and sand down your mailbox, spray paint the exterior, and fill the inside with decorative contact paper. Get tutorial here

Wedge In A Mailbox Near Greenery

Chop the boards down to size, dig into the ground to fit support beams, and finish with planted greenery. Get tutorial here

Get Nautical With A Beach Theme

Coat in white paint, trace and cut out a wooden anchor, then wrap in jute rope. Get tutorial here

Add A Pelican To The Mailbox Display

Stag the lengths of the stakes, top with a solar light, and finish with a pelican statue. Get tutorial here

Use Wood Glue To Adhere An Organizer

Begin by cutting into your slats, affix pieces together with wood glue, and circle cut a mason jar holder. Get tutorial here

Modernize Your Mailbox With Color

Spread Tite Bond wood glue to keep pieces together, stain, and spray paint to finish. Get tutorial here

Adhere Decorative Paper For Fun

Simply decoupage with modge podge the inside of the box with scrapbooking paper and spray paint metallic gold. Get tutorial here