The Motherboard...

When I was putting together my family's command center, I asked my 11-year-old daughter what we should call it. She simply said, "The Motherboard."
My husband and I couldn't stop laughing - all the while applauding her for coming up with such a spot-on name (knowing she had no clue what a motherboard actually was).
So here's my take on our family's command center:
Old picture frame
I started by taking apart an old picture frame and adding burlap over the existing board backing.

I only used hot glue, but you could use a staple gun. For stability I added a long piece of wood and folded the burlap back over it and glued it down again. This should prevent the burlap from pulling when I add things on top.
Once it was back in it's original frame I was able to add the components.

I hot glued thumb tacks to the back of clothespins and pushed them into the burlap to hold my goodies.
Next I added the content:

weekly schedule

meal plan

daily snack

rotating weekly chores

standing weekly chores

printout of their weekly homework
What parents don't give beef jerky as snack?
And if you're wondering why there's no snack for Friday - that's because they all know that Friday is chip day. No reminder needed!
super cute hangers - purchased
They rotate these chores weekly
chalkboard triangles - tied individually
Voila! Here is our Motherboard. It's what makes our house run smoothly!

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