Winecork Wall

by RoxVee
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My DIY winecork wall.
Great memories and easy too!
Step 1:

I measured and cut a natural fabric using flooring adhesive to my cupboard. Why did I use fabric? 1) hoping for a better hold. 2) if we ever sell our home and the buyers want new cupboards, I'm pulling these.

Step 2:

Starting in the top corner, I hot glued the corks to my fabric covered wall.

Step 3:

Working in small sections, arrange corks on the wall prior to gluing as corks come in many different sizes.

Step 4:

Sometimes cutting a cork is necessary for a good fit. Working in Champaign corks require patience and look great.

Step 5:

For some this may be step #1.

I left room while working for a frame made of quarter round to follow.
Smooth quarter round frame
Champagne & cut corks puzzle
Suggested materials:
  • Natural woven fabric with a tighter and cleaner look than burlap   (Thrift store)
  • Wine and champagne corks   (Once friends & family heard of my project the corks came pouring in.)
  • Hi-temp glue gun and sticks   (Walmart)
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  • RoxVee RoxVee on Dec 27, 2016
    Thank you. If anyone pins a note to my wall I'll get grumpy :p We also made synthetic wine corks drink coasters leftover from a friend's wedding. We gave the coasters to them as gifts. I have a "quick & easy : how to make wine corks drink coasters" YouTube tutorial.