Battery Tool Rack/stowage

Stephen Taylor
by Stephen Taylor
1 Hour
So the shed organisation and tidy continues!
Now I found an old shelving unit chucked away for "inorganic collection" at the side of the road, so I dismantled it and chucked it in the car -- I just can't help myself!!!!!!!!!
The base has a "lip" around it and I thought this would be ideal for a non slip stowage
Originally I was going to make a self contained, stand alone unit, but the sizes worked out almost perfectly to fit in an available gap, so as that seemed the easiest solution, I first lopped about 40mm off of one end of this bit. I also drilled a hole for the electrical plug access.
This part was then attached to the already installed cupboard, and supported on the left side by an angle bracked (recycled from a packing case)
I then cut slots in one of the shelves, I used a hole saw then cut up to them with a jigsaw
This shelf was then installed below the "lipped shelf and an offcut of shelf used to close the right side

The drills wer then stowed in their place and the chargers on the shelf above.

Just need to get a powerboard so I can plug everything in.

By the way the stowage above was also a skip find!

Total cost to me was a few screws and an hour of my time
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