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Over the years, our tool closet has transformed and expanded its usability to hold EVERYTHING we need to improve our home, complete home craft projects, and repair stuff. Today, I am going to share with you the next evolution of our tool closet organization. But, first, let’s revisit the past and share the other posts that show our Tool Closet. Here is our updated tool closet we did over 6 years ago. CREATIVE WAYS TO ORGANIZE TOOLS IN A CLOSET Over the years, we updated and modified the tool closet to make it work better for both of us. While it worked well, in the last few years, we realized there were items that needed homes and our bins were overflowing. Can you relate? We had to go through and sort all the small items and group them so we can find the right bins or bags for the items. Follow along and see how we transformed the space and, as a result, it gave us even MORE space in this small closet!

Here's a before picture. This is where we left the existing tool closet. As last you saw it in the post link above, we had added the wood shelf unit and removed the desk so my husband would be able to use it again and we would be able to go more vertical with the storage. As you can see in this picture the wood shelf unit was pitching to the right and very wobbly. So getting rid of it was very important. But, when we removed it, we realized that a narrow-tall shelf would fit in the space - creating an L-shaped shelving unit when we put both of them together. Yay!!!

Since my husband already installed metal pegboards a few years ago, we didn’t do much on the loose hand tools. But, we needed to review the small items that were not sorted very well in the bins on the shelves.Here’s an updated image of the pegboard for our hand tools. He did a great job, didn't he?

We had to go back and buy a few more items to finish the tool closet organization project. We bought this stuff at Ace Hardware.

The spray can bottle Organizer DIY project was also added to the shelves. Check out this post to see how I created them. HOW TO MAKE A DIY SPRAY BOTTLES ORGANIZER This was created by repurposing glassware cardboard boxes and beer six-pack holders. Check it out. Organize the small items into groups. Above the drawers, we sorted and organized chains, piano hinges, plates and L brackets, cabinet supplies, and supplies for pictures. Use open bins for items you use often. We used a bin with sandpaper. Since we had a variety of caulk, it had its own bin. And, we used a shoebox for lubricants and glue bottles.

The older three drawers were used for empty small containers that we use every so often to keep organized. The IKEA parts are handy if we need them. Touch-up sticks and paint drawer is for the pieces of furniture, doors, and cabinets we recently replaced. A lot of these items tend to get lost in a space like this or in a garage, so having a drawer for them, helps you know where things are quick.

We had a lot of hooks, so we used a shoebox-size bin to hold them all. Also, we divided our landscape lighting and our indoor lights into two bins with lids. I use large L brackets that I usually pull from and reuse when getting rid of things, so I had a bin for them as well. I know what you are thinking; that is a little overkill, right? Our goal was to really organize everything so the whole family knew where the items would be.

We like to use 5-gallon buckets to hold task supplies like electrical, plumbing, tiling, and painting. But, these bins were overflowing, we realized we needed to adjust and remove some unnecessary items. And, we have a variety of extension cords so it needed a home as well.

Now here comes the big and awkward items. There were tripods used for levels and parts that were for faucet supplies we have in the home that we needed to find homes for, so using shallow rectangular bins worked nicely and stacked together easily.

This was all my husband. He went and measured and labeled all the screws, nails, etc... and placed them into the appropriate size drawer. Here’s what that looks like.

Store handheld power tools in bags. My husband is a big fan of bags for handheld power tools. It fits everything even bits and other accessories and can easily be stored on a shelf. So we went and bought a few more generic bags so the hand tools that did not have a bag now have one. There were only a few needed this time around.

Below is the finished project. As you can see now the tool closet organization is complete. What do you think? We love it and it is super easy to find items in there. I even find myself going in there to put items away instead of just laying them on the shelf. We also have extra space on the shelving. Yay! Feel free to check out the video and other tips on our blog using the link below.

Suggested materials:
  • 1- Edsal Muscle Rack 72 in. H x 34 in. W x 14 in. D Steel Shelving Uni   (Ace Hardware)
  • 1- Edsal Muscle Rack 72 in. H x 36 in. W x 18 in. D Steel Shelving Uni   (Ace Hardware)
  • Assorted other containers open and with lids (reused and purchased new   (Ace Hardware)
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