Easy Vertical Safety Glasses Holder

Jeff C
by Jeff C
After putting some shelves up in the garage, I decided to put a number of screw hooks that I had laying around to good use. After browsing Google images for inspiration on a safety glasses holder, I finally came up with a cheap, easy solution.
I started out by drilling a small pilot hole for the screw hook. This made it much easier to twist into the wood versus not having a pilot hole. Once the screw hook is in place, take a long zip tie and create a circle with it as seen in the pictures. Make sure the circle is large enough to easily place and remove your safety glasses. Once you've made the circle, hang it off of the screw hook. It's up to you but when I was satisfied with the spacing, I cut off the excess zip tie cord with sharp scissors. This will serve as your vertical safety glasses holder.
Screw hook placed into wood with a zip tie hanging from it. The zip tie loop acts as the holder for your safety glasses.
Finished product holding two pairs of safety glasses. So far, it's working out well.
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