Garage Storage

Wendy W
by Wendy W
We used the extra space between the studs in our unfinished garage to store outdoor toys & sports equipment. We also built a loft in the garage, since the ceilings are about 10 foot high & added shoe storage in an unused corner. See more at-
Nailing slats to the studs provided space to store oars, fishing poles, & baseball bats. For balls, we nailed a "U" shape (top & bottom), drilled holes, & attached bungee cords into the holes.
2x4s nailed to the studs create a ladder to the loft.
Shelves for muddy shoes were built to the left of the laundry room door. These were made by cutting wood to form braces, nailing them into the wall & then nailing a shelf into the braces.
The view from the driveway!
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