Paint Roller Storage Using Plumbing Pipe

2 Materials
30 Minutes
We recently re-organized our paint closet and my husband came up with a cheap and easy solution for storing our many paint roller handles, using leftover plumbing materials. We were able to re-purpose some unused plastic pipe we had purchased during our basement renovation and organize our paint supplies.
All you need to get started is plumbing pipe sized to fit your roller handles.
1 1/2" to 2" pipe should be large enough (we used the 1 1/2")
The pipe only needs to be a few inches in length to hold the handles. You will need to drill holes in both sides of the pipes in order to screw the pieces into the wall. Decide how many holders you need and space the holes out accordingly. We marked where the holes were going to go with a Sharpie.
Since the pipe is round, you will need to use a clamp to hold it while you drill the holes. Repeat for all the holes needed.
Cut the pipes to length using a chop saw. If you do not have a chop saw, I am sure you could use a hand saw or jig saw, just make sure the pipe is clamped in place while cutting it.
Attach the pieces of pipe to the wall using screws. To maximize space, my hubby attached the ones holding the roller handles at an angle.
For the paddles, we attached the pieces vertically, so they can slide right into place.
Before this update, we had all of these items thrown into a bucket in the closet, but now we can see exactly what we have and can easily find it when needed!
Suggested materials:
  • 1 1\2" plumbing pipe   (home depot)
  • Screws   (home depot)
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