Tips for Proper Paint Storage, Disposal & Recycling

We recently completed Project Paint Storage at our house, which included transferring all of our latex paint into plastic, screw-top canisters with labels, creating a customized paint deck, completing paint reference charts, compiling a kit to make organizing new paint quick and easy in the future, and finally organizing and storing all of our other painting supplies in our utility room During the course of this project, we did a lot of research regarding both paint storage and disposal options, and we ended up being able to recycle some of our unwanted paint, as well as all of our empty cans. This summarizes the findings of my research with some helpful tips for proper paint storage, how to dispose of paint and how to recycle it. More details on blog {link at bottom}.


*Transfer left-over paint to airtight containers

*If storing paint in the original cans, ensure a tight seal

*Store paint away from extreme temperatures

*Determine if paint is still good before using


*Detemining if your paint is "oil-based"

*Read labels closely to determine flammability

*Store away from heat sources and open flames


*Look for alternatives to disposal first

Disposing of and Recycling Unused Latex Paint and Empty Paint Cans:

*Recycling unused liquid latex paint is the best option

*If you are unable to locate a paint recycling company in your area, you must ensure that the paint is disposed of properly

*If your county or state does not consider latex paint to be a household hazardous waste, you must make the paint into a solid before disposing of it in the trash

*Empty latex paint cans can be recycled if certain guidelines are followed

*In some cases, it is permitted to throwing away empty latex paint cans

Disposing of Oil-Based Paint and Paint Cans:

*Oil-based paint must be specially processed for disposa

*Local laws govern disposal of or recycling empty oil-based paint cans

*When in doubt, treat it as a household hazardous waste

Disposing of and Recycling Aerosol Paint Cans:

*Must be disposed of as household hazardous waste if it still contains paint

*Never puncture, crush or incinerate aerosol paint cans

Further explaination and details regarding each of these tips can be found on my website, with links to the sources of my research:

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