Cheap Easy Pot Rack

by Sandy
I needed a place for my pared down cook books and pots and pans. I bought a cheap white shelf and shelf brackets from the local Ace hardware here in town. I spent less than $15.00. I had an old towel rod and the wall holders which I didn't use. I just inserted the towel rod through the first set of holes in the rod. Then I ordered some 4 inch S hooks off of Amazon and wa la. Killed two birds with one stone.
My son Tommy said you need some O'rings so that rod stays put when I'm hanging a pot or removing one. I couldn't find any at Walmart which is 55 miles away so I got some black flat style rubber bands and they work just as good. I placed the rubber bands on both of the outer ends and now the rod doesn't move. If you were to make this for your home and were worried about seeing the open ends of the rod you could plug them up with something. I can't see into them so it's not an issue for me.
Now it's all together. I also put up my lid holder next too the pans. Convenient huh?
The S hooks. My kitchen is small and storage is always an issue. I'm also an organizer freak. This helps calm that beast. Hope this helps you get organized too!
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