DIY Spice Jar Storage

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Save space and add some great storage by making use of every space!

Such a shame! Ugh, what a waste of space!

After finally installing some drawers in our drawer-less kitchen (I know, right?! Who tortures like that?!), I installed a shelf over the unit. You can read about our kitchen drawers here. In that spiffy blog link you'll see that I had trimmed down a 25" deep butcher block countertop.

The remaining sliver of counter then became the shelf as goodness, who would want to waste such great stuff?

To read about where the amazing shelf brackets came from and all sorts of other great stories, be sure to come visit my blog, Flipping the Flip!

We have oodles of spices and seasonings and goodness, they sure take up a lot of room. I figured the underside of the shelf would be perfect for freeing up desperately needed space in the kitchen.

I found these great jars with metal lids online (see the link below to find out where) and made a simple little jig so the jars would align exactly each and every time.

My jig wasn't perfect -- I only had a 2" diameter hole saw when I really needed a 2 1/8". But, I worked it out. I used the jig to align, pilot drilled the holes, removed the lid and jig, then attached the lid to the underside of the shelf. I'm a little ahead of myself here....

Start by drilling out holes in the lids. Be extra special meticulous about cleaning out every last metal filing. I drilled two holes per lid.

Next, clamp the jig to the shelf. The jig set the spacing back from the front edge of the shelf as well as to the jar next to it on the left. It will be exactly even and aligned all the way across.

So right, attach your lid by screwing it from below. I ended up using 1/2" wood screws, not the 1" you see here.

Using little circle chalkboard stickers and a chalk marker, I then noted what the jar's contents were. Chalk, ya know, just in case the contents change over time.

Bonus tip: we had several bottles of liquid stuff like soy sauce, etc. The various bottles and labels ruined the look so I picked up oil bottles. Only problem there? Open tips and evaporation.

Guess what covers them neatly and in a visually pleasing manner? Rubbermaid End Caps. Yes, the rubber tips for wire shelving. Who knew, right?!

How fantastic is that!

And there it is! The wall is finally finally finally complete! Be sure to click on the link below for more about this and oh so many other great stories!

Suggested materials:
  • 1/2" wood screws   (Amazon)
  • Jars and lids   (Amazon)
  • Chalkboard stickers   (Amazon)
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